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Welcome to The Edge!

The Edge began life as Good News Crusade Family Camp. Good News Crusade is an evangelistic ministry based in the UK dedicated to extending the Kingdom of God and has been running Christian camps for over 40 years. Its Summer Camp is a great event for families, youth, children and those just coming on their own where people can have a great time and also meet with God.

Our aim at The Edge Camp is to create an environment where:

- people can relax and have fun and experience the moving of God in their lives

- everyone is welcome and feels that they belong

- people can be themselves whoever they are

We believe that it is in this environment that people are able to open up to the message of Jesus and allow God to work in their lives so that they can go back to their local churches and community changed.

People say that this is why they keep coming back each year.

At The Edge we aim to cater for everyone. Whether you come on your own or as part of a group you will be welcomed and valued for who you are. We aim to cater for adults, children, teenagers, as well as family units.